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Built from a growers perspective, Taglog understands the common demands throughout different horticultural industries in terms of adequate worker efficiency and overall job performance.

Taglog offers the unique ability to reach these demands by using advanced technology to provide transparency and peace of mind in knowing that the work being carried out is time efficient, productive and top quality.



The true benefit of introducing the Taglog system to a field labour business is reflected in both increased efficiency and improved worker confidence. Taglog has been built by people who not only manage but understand labour and the needs around it. The robust real time platform provides simultaneous, detailed job reporting with the capabilities for quality control. This provides the worker clarity on what and how much, as well as providing comprehensive back end reporting for invoicing and payroll. The Taglog system is an investment that provides a tangible return.

Robust RFID software development

Electronic labour and job management system

Adaptable to all industries

GPS track and trace platform

Productivity based with greater quality control 

Real time piece rate reporting and payroll

Remote live job monitoring and labour tracking

Price control with efficiency gains

Enables compliance with industry regulations

The innovative team at Taglog are software developers with labour hire experience and are also growers. In short, we know our market, we understand the needs and have developed a integrative platform that provides a holistic solution to reducing labour cost while increasing efficiency.

We understand there is no one size fits all when it comes to introducing new technology. We will work with you to recommend a solution based on your needs and demands and tailor a plan that best suits.

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